Obedience: Take it or Leave it

dog obedienceAfter Ruby passed, and as I was considering adopting a new greyhound, I did the responsible thing and spoke to my husband about it.  Obviously, if you are considering adopting any animal, all family members must be on board with it.  One condition I had to meet for my husband to agree to the adoption was to enroll our new greyhound in obedience classes.  Ruby was never formally trained – we just played it by ear, and she figured it out pretty quick.  Ruby, however, was a retired racer.  Luna, on the other hand, was basically found on the streets of South Korea, left to fend for herself.  She had no manners whatsoever, and I knew we would need some help with her.

I looked around and settled on the six week Beginner Training course offered through Petsmart.  Enrollment fee: about $120.00.

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