Dealing with Your Greyhound’s Cancer Diagnosis

greyhound cancerYour vet walks into the room with a somber look on her face and says those four dreaded words: “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.”   You look through your tears at your beloved greyhound, your heart in your throat, and what seem like millions of questions swirl around in your head: How long does she have?  Is it treatable?  Will it come back? How much will this cost? Is she in pain?

I know.  I felt it too.  But how do you deal with it?

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Cleaning up those “oops” moments

shameful greyhoundIt was totally my fault.

First thing this morning, dear reader, I let Luna out to do her business.  I was outside with her, so I know she peed and pooed.  As per usual, I fed her about 45 minutes later, after the boys had left for school.  While she was eating, I started emptying the dishwasher.  After she licked her bowl clean, she immediately pawed at the door.  Expecting that she wanted to go out and run around immediately after eating as she has in the past (although that is a big no-no, and I don’t let her – see here to find out why) I told her to wait.  Normally, I’d leash her and take her out in order to curtail her running, but I was elbow-deep in dishes, so I brushed her off.  She signaled three times. Each time, I told her to wait.

Poor girl. I guess I can cross my name off the list of nominees for Pet Parent of the Year Award.  🙁

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