Wordless Wednesday – Busted!

About once or twice a year, I make a treat that my kids and in-laws love:  Coconut Macaroons.  I’m not one to fuss over the recipe that calls for egg whites and is super complicated and finicky.  I do the quick and easy, three ingredient coconut macaroons, and they are scrumptious!

This year, someone else decided that she might like to try one:

greyhound eating macaroon

Unfortunately for Luna (and fortunately for her tummy) she wasn’t fast enough, despite me pausing to snap this picture.  She came <thiiiiiis> close though, and I ended up eating the one that she might have licked.

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Bloat and your Greyhound: Raised Feeders

bloatWhen adopting a greyhound, one of the things that your rescue organization will stress is to use a raised feeder, or elevated food bowl. The reason? To prevent bloat.

Bloat generally occurs when the stomach twists upon itself, trapping air, food and water, which can cause a rapid onset of shock. If left untreated, the consequences can be deadly.

Learning to recognize the symptoms can help save your dog’s life:

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