Survey: Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

sleeping LunaRecently, we took a very long weekend and spent it at a cabin at the base of the Cascade Mountains.  It was a great getaway from the mundane, allowing both my husband and I to clear our minds and get back to work with a new vigor on Monday.  He even went ziplining 180 feet off the ground, but heck no, I was having none of that!

At times when we went out and didn’t bring Luna with us, we kept her in our bedroom with some toys and her own bed.  When we came home, however, we would find her snuggled in our bed.  My husband scolded her, but I could tell he thought it was cute by the smile he tried to hide.  By night three, I allowed Luna to cuddle in bed with me while my husband was out enjoying the cool weather (yes, he was aware of it, and teased me about it).  Very early in the morning of the last day, we had a pretty heavy rain which woke us all up, and Luna decided then was a good time to try her luck climbing into bed with us.  My husband relented, and Luna snuggled in on my side, curling into a little ball in the space created by my bent knees.

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