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After Ruby passed, I swore that I would never get another dog; the pain was just too great.  Days passed, and I began to feel unsettled because my house was too quiet.  Having recently moved to Washington from the East Coast, I had no friends, and I just lost mine.  So with the encouragement of my husband, I looked into volunteering at the local greyhound rescue, Greyhound Pets, Inc. just outside of Seattle.  After meeting the crew during an open house, I began volunteering for turnouts, which is giving the hounds some time out in the yard after their morning or evening meal.  Immediately, my heart was drawn to a little black and cream brindle greyhound with a pitch black face.

rescued greyhound Luna

Just look at that face!  How could I resist?

She was such a tiny thing compared to Ruby, and she had the most expressive brown eyes.  I knew nothing about her other than the fact that she came from South Korea, she was not yet available for adoption, and she was about one and a half years old.  And bonus: she was not a poo-eater!  She adopted us on March 7, 2015.  I’ve since come to learn that that day is known as “Gotcha Day.”  A little campy, but okay, it’s cute.

Luna is a greyhound mix.  We were told that she is a mix because there was no certification that she is purebred, and she was not a racer, so without the necessary certifications, we had to settle for the “mix” label.  She has a fluffier coat than most greyhounds I have seen.  Other than that, to look at her, you would not know she is a mix.  To me, she is a greyhound.  Period.

And aside from my husband and my kids, she is my best friend.  She is lounging comfortably in her bed outside my office as I type this.

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