Recipe: Pumpkin dog treats

pumpkin treatsI’ve been quite disturbed at the prevalence of dog treat and food recalls.  In 2015, there have been seven recalls of dog treats and food, and we’re not even halfway through the year.  With that, coupled with my pooch’s sensitive stomach, I thought I would try my hand at homemade dog treats.  I make cookies for my family on a fairly regular basis, so how hard could a dog treat be?

For my first try, I thought I’d go with something simple, so I found an easy-peasy recipe on  I had been saving the recipe for quite some time, and since I had some free time I was feeling ambitious enough to make the time, I made a batch of pumpkin dog treats for my girl.

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Intruder Alert!

As I was making dinner, my brave watchdog Luna alerted me to the presence of an intruder at our back door.  Because I was standing off to the side, slaving over a boiling pot of rapid-cook tortellini from Costco, I could not see that which was causing such terror, shaking Luna to her core.

I could tell by the way she was barking, trembling, and wagging her tail that this had to be a formidable beast.  I watched in horror as she snarled and growled at the terrifying creature before her.  My heart beat furiously in my chest.  Ungodly noises emanated from my sweet greyhound’s throat as she growled and paced back and forth, her eyes not leaving the leviathan at our back door.  It was not a person, that I knew, because Luna’s eyes were fixed on something below her eye level.

Her eyes darted at me briefly, then back to the unwelcome guest, then back to me, as if to say “Mommy, don’t come any closer.  It’ll kill you.  I’ll save you.  Just let me at it. ”  I grabbed at the dishtowel draped over the oven handle, and wiped my hands, then discarded it for the rolling pin in the utensil drawer in front of me.  Cautiously, I walked over to the door, fearing what I might find.  Luna stood in front of me, her back to me, protecting me from the hellish creature just outside the door.  She was barking and growling with such intensity that her front paws lifted off the floor with each bark.  I moved closer, and then I saw it.  

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Welcome to the Greyhound Club

I recently came across an article by Linda Weber, writer for, and dedicated greyhound parent.  Linda is a special kind of person, donating 100% of her compensation from to greyhound adoption and education groups.  In her article, “Greyhounds: Ownership or Cult?”, Linda discusses the differences between dog ownership among different breeds of dogs as compared to greyhounds.

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Obedience: Take it or Leave it

dog obedienceAfter Ruby passed, and as I was considering adopting a new greyhound, I did the responsible thing and spoke to my husband about it.  Obviously, if you are considering adopting any animal, all family members must be on board with it.  One condition I had to meet for my husband to agree to the adoption was to enroll our new greyhound in obedience classes.  Ruby was never formally trained – we just played it by ear, and she figured it out pretty quick.  Ruby, however, was a retired racer.  Luna, on the other hand, was basically found on the streets of South Korea, left to fend for herself.  She had no manners whatsoever, and I knew we would need some help with her.

I looked around and settled on the six week Beginner Training course offered through Petsmart.  Enrollment fee: about $120.00.

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