Wordless Wednesday – An Elk Antler a Day…

Luna loves to chew.  When she first rescued us, she would purloin various items out of my office with the intent to chew them into oblivion.  She was particularly fond of the mellow, aged 2009 Sharpie with a note of cherry. We wanted Luna to be able to use her energy on something substantial because she blows through bully sticks, and with her dietary restrictions, we didn’t want to give her something that could potentially upset her stomach.  Plus, we wanted her to focus chewing on her own things, and not ours (like my Vans).  Ultimately, we found split elk antler.

I had known about elk antlers, and had seen that the Rescue from where we got her gave them to their greyhounds.  Initially, I bought an uncut antler for Luna, and that was just a bust because she couldn’t get to the marrow.  Then, by happenstance, on one of our many trips to the pet store, I allowed Luna to pick out a “chewy”.  She picked the quartered elk antler, and from that day on, “Boney James” has made the top of the list as one of her favorite chewies.

elk antler for dogs

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Hiking With Your Dog

hiking with your dogMy family and I recently took up hiking.  We’ve been in Washington for a year, and we finally decided to get off our collective duffs and take to the trails, and I’m certainly glad we did because, through hiking, we are treated to the most glorious of views that our state has to offer.

Many times, however, we’ve been greeted on the trails by unleashed dogs who would rather not listen to their owner, and doggie landmines left on the trail.  Nothing ruins a hike through nature like an irresponsible dog owner or hiking with a dog that can’t handle the trails, so with the help of the Washington Trails Association, here is a primer for those of you who go hiking with your dog.

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Thoughts About the Yulin Festival

YulinAnimal activists and, quite frankly, caring humans with a soul, are speaking out about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  If you’ve read about my greyhound, Luna, you know that she was rescued from South Korea.  Perhaps you didn’t know that had she not been rescued by the local sighthound rescue group in that country, she would have ended up being sold to a breeder, or would have been sold on the black market for meat.  Yeah, my sweet adorable Luna could have ended up on someone’s plate.

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What is your dog worth?

dog worthIf you live in Texas, your dog is not worth much.  In fact, the Texas Supreme Court essentially agrees that your dog would be worth more if it were taxidermied, as opposed to its living and breathing counterpart.

Why am I asking this question?  Well, I’m an attorney in “real life” and when browsing online this morning, I came across the April 5, 2013 Texas Supreme Court decision of Strickland v. Medlen, 397 S.W.3d 184 (2013).  Don’t worry, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and in layman’s terms.  I will also forego the legal citations.  If you are interested in reading this decision, you can find it here.

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