Did You Know: Greyhound Pedigree and Race Data

OctoRubyIn the event you are not familiar with this site, it can be a wealth of information regarding your retired racer, regardless of where he or she raced:

www. Greyhound-Data.com

Once you create an account, you can access your grey’s pedigree information, as well as race statistics.  Please note: I tried to create an account using my Hotmail account, and never received the activation email.  I then used an email account that I host on my own server, and received the account activation email within seconds.  I’m thinking there is some sort of filter that prohibits the use of free email accounts.  While I waited for the activation after entering my Hotmail email, I did have access to some information on the site, so even without an account, you can get limited information on your grey.

After entering the tattoos of my greyhound-angel Ruby (she previously raced at Seabrook in New Hampshire), I was provided with the following:


Ruby ran in 20 races from May 10, 2005 to August 10, 2005.  By all accounts, she was not a very strong racer.  This doesn’t surprise me one bit – she was always quite laid back.  The best she placed was 2nd on July 16, 2005.  I’m actually quite happy that her racing career was that short.  Her last race was August 10, 2005, and she found her furever home with us six months later.

Ruby was the last in a litter of eight pups.  I know that because her right ear tattoo was 53H, and there are eight pups listed below.


I’m a little intrigued by the pups “Corn”, “Okra” and “Potato.”  Apparently, they never raced.  Interesting: no males in the litter, and Ruby was the only one identified as a brindle.  Others were black or white and black, like their parents:


Ruby’s handsome father


And her stunning mother

And below is Ruby’s pedigree going back five generations:


As it turns out, Ruby’s brindle coloring looked very much like that of her paternal grandfather, even with the patch of white on her chest and her white-tipped feet and tail:


While there is an option for uploading a photo of Ruby on the website, doing so requires me to verify my identify by providing this website with a photocopy of my driver’s license, which I don’t care to do.

So this was a great exercise yesterday.  Although doing so opened fresh wounds, and I am reminded how much I miss my girl, there is some peace that comes with knowing all I can about her.

I, unfortunately, will never have this information for Luna, my scrappy little greyhound from South Korea.  She was not a racer.  Sometimes, I’m thankful for that.  Then I think of what she may have had to endure on the streets before she was found, and then I’m not so sure it was any better.

Your turn

I’d love to hear about your search.  Please feel free to comment below.

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