Oh Deer…

deerWhile taking Luna for a walk some time ago, we were stopped in our tracks by a family of deer just across the street.  Luna stopped first, and her ears perked up.  Following her gaze, I saw them, initially hidden by the trees.  As they moved out from under the trees to investigate Luna, I counted four: a buck, a doe, and what I would like to think were the “teenagers” of the group.

The didn’t run away, rather it seemed like there was a mutual curiosity between us.  The doe at one point moved behind the buck, but the buck stood tall and kept his eye on us.  The teenagers held back, but were quite curious.

Luna didn’t move.  She stood still and just watched. She was actually quite calm, which was surprising to me, given her high prey drive.

I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the chance meeting and then encouraged Luna to start walking.  I certainly didn’t want to appear to be posing a threat to the family – although retelling a story of being chased by a family of deer would have been pretty darn awesome.  As we resumed our walk, the deer retreated into the trees.

When I got home after our walk, I was a bit disappointed to see that the picture was quite dark, so I used the magic of Instagram filters to lighten it up a bit.

deer meeting

I keep telling myself that I need to get a good camera.  That day will come. Someday.


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