Survey: Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

sleeping LunaRecently, we took a very long weekend and spent it at a cabin at the base of the Cascade Mountains.  It was a great getaway from the mundane, allowing both my husband and I to clear our minds and get back to work with a new vigor on Monday.  He even went ziplining 180 feet off the ground, but heck no, I was having none of that!

At times when we went out and didn’t bring Luna with us, we kept her in our bedroom with some toys and her own bed.  When we came home, however, we would find her snuggled in our bed.  My husband scolded her, but I could tell he thought it was cute by the smile he tried to hide.  By night three, I allowed Luna to cuddle in bed with me while my husband was out enjoying the cool weather (yes, he was aware of it, and teased me about it).  Very early in the morning of the last day, we had a pretty heavy rain which woke us all up, and Luna decided then was a good time to try her luck climbing into bed with us.  My husband relented, and Luna snuggled in on my side, curling into a little ball in the space created by my bent knees.

We’ve since come home, and Luna is back in her place downstairs on her big princess bed while Mommy and Daddy are upstairs.  She seemed to have no problem with that, in fact, when we came home from the cabin, she immediately found her princess bed and laid down in it and fell asleep.  It appeared that she missed her own bed as badly as the humans missed theirs.

This weekend got me wondering: is it really okay to let your dog sleep in your bed?  I checked out WebMD, which encouraged people with pet allergies or asthma to refrain from sharing their bed with their pets.  Everyday Health says it’s a bad idea for dominance and illness reasons, but acknowledges the human’s need for companionship from their pet.  Add to that the countless websites who stress that it could interrupt the human’s sleep, and make for unproductive days.

I am essentially resigned to the fact that Luna will not sleep in our bed on a regular basis, that this past weekend was a rare occurrence.  But I would like to know if YOU allow your dog to sleep with you.  I’m going to try my hand at a new blog tool – the poll.  I’ll make it simple this time, but if you could complete the poll, and then take a minute or two to comment below about your experiences co-sleeping with your dog, it might help those of us still considering allowing our four legged fur-babies on our Posturepedics.


Please select the answer below that best describes your dog's sleeping arrangements

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One thought on “Survey: Does Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

  1. Petting a dog lowers your blood pressure, regulates your heart rate, is calming, lifts your mood, increases serotonin and chemicals to help you heal and calm. Something that sleeping with your dog will bring you. At our house, what we do is wash our dog’s paws and since they are small they get to sleep in our beds. Piranha gets a bath at least every two weeks or more if needed and the other dogs (chihuahuas) approximately once every 2-3 weeks. Years ago, our older ‘bigger’ dog would sleep on top of the blanket by our legs. It was ok and we never had any issues. Another dog we had would start out in our bed, then go to her own bed in the middle of the night. They are all different. But now that Piranha is a therapy dog, we know so much more that we do encourage it, so long as a dog is bathed often and/or paws are cleaned.

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