Luna’s First “Camping” Trip

Our family has lived in this beautiful state of Washington for just over a year, and to my chagrin, we had not taken time to just “get away” and go camping.  Well, as of last weekend, I can now remove the subtitle “Has never been camping in Washington” from the story of my life.  Not only was it our first camping trip, but it was our first camping trip with Luna.

I come from a family who, every year during my childhood, would spend the summers in a campground just outside of Ocean City, New Jersey.  We had a seasonal site, on which my family kept its RV – known in those parts as a “trailer.”  While my parents slept in the trailer with air conditioning, we kids were relegated to tents.  Sometimes we’d have a fan; sometimes we didn’t.  But we were kids – we were resilient.  Tell that to my 14 year old sweaty, sticky self in 95+ degree heat with that oppressive East Coast humidity.  But I digress…

This past weekend, I found a KOA in beautiful Leavenworth, Washington that rents cabins.  Having never taken Luna outside of our house for an overnight, this was perfect.  A log cabin meant that Luna, if she felt trapped or scared, could not chew her way out and run away.  Yes, don’t laugh – I’ve thought about that:

Tents are fabric ->  Fabric can be chewed through -> Luna can probably chew through fabric -> Luna can escape.

See how my mind works?  Ugh.

So I found a cabin.  After talking my kids into “going camping” in Leavenworth, we packed up and headed out on Friday afternoon.

Did I mention that packing for a greyhound is like packing for a toddler?  Regardless, my daughter found a super cool hands free leash that I could put around my waist or over my shoulder so I can do all those cool campy things like cook breakfast outside while everyone is still sleeping.  And bonus: the hands-free leash looks like Chewybacca’s bandolier!

Luna handled the two plus hour ride pretty well, with frequent unrealized potty breaks (read: she sniffed around and didn’t go potty).  She was a little stressed, likely because I was stressing over her.  But by nightfall on the first night, she had gotten to walk around the campground, check out the dog park, and mark her territory.  We introduced her to her “perch” on the front porch where she could look down on her royal subjects:

royal perch


It didn’t take long for her to figure that out.  I think she would have been more comfortable with her larger bed, but space in the car just could not accommodate that, and camping means “roughing it.” (Pay no attention to the Keurig with k-cups and extension cord that we brought).

Unlike her sleeping arrangement at home, Luna had free roam of the cabin where she could climb in bed with those fortunate (or unfortunate) to sleep on the bottom bunks.  She was prohibited, however, from climbing into bed with Mommy and Daddy because big mean Daddy said “no.”  Her choice of bunkmate at night was Big Sister.


We used the weekend to relax, so there was no hiking or tubing to speak of, but we’re making plans for that type of getaway soon.  We did stop at Deception Falls on the way back home.  What a gorgeous place hidden just off Rt 2.


For a first camping trip, I was very pleased.  Aside from desperately needing a bath when she got home, Luna handled it very well.  I loved having her along, and look forward to taking her again.

Thinking of taking your pup camping?  Along with the necessary items, please don’t forget to bring pre-made “Lost Dog” signs in the event your dog gets away from you.


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