Wordless Wednesday – An Elk Antler a Day…

Luna loves to chew.  When she first rescued us, she would purloin various items out of my office with the intent to chew them into oblivion.  She was particularly fond of the mellow, aged 2009 Sharpie with a note of cherry. We wanted Luna to be able to use her energy on something substantial because she blows through bully sticks, and with her dietary restrictions, we didn’t want to give her something that could potentially upset her stomach.  Plus, we wanted her to focus chewing on her own things, and not ours (like my Vans).  Ultimately, we found split elk antler.

I had known about elk antlers, and had seen that the Rescue from where we got her gave them to their greyhounds.  Initially, I bought an uncut antler for Luna, and that was just a bust because she couldn’t get to the marrow.  Then, by happenstance, on one of our many trips to the pet store, I allowed Luna to pick out a “chewy”.  She picked the quartered elk antler, and from that day on, “Boney James” has made the top of the list as one of her favorite chewies.

elk antler for dogs

While my research did uncover one negative point about elk antler (chewing them may cause fractured teeth for some dogs), the overwhelming majority of veterinarians and pet parents speak highly of their benefits:

  • they help keep teeth clean and gums healthy
  • elk antlers are naturally shed from elk so there is no harm caused by sourcing, with new antlers grown by the elk every year
  • they are high in healthy minerals such as calcium, iron,  potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus
  • elk antlers last weeks or months, as opposed to one day or one half hour (hello bully sticks, I’m talking to you)
  • all natural – not made with harmful chemicals
  • they don’t leave a mess behind
  • they have no odor

As with any chew toy or bone, a responsible pet parent will monitor their dog during its use, and be sure to check for sharp edges (which can be smoothed out with sandpaper, or by rubbing it on concrete).  Dental hygiene is of utmost importance to your fur baby’s overall health, so use your daily brushing as an opportunity to check your greyhound’s teeth and gums to make sure the antler (or any chew toy, for that matter) is not causing any damage.

Thanks to BlogPaws for hosting this blog hop, and thanks for indulging me with my Not-So-Wordless-Wednesday post.

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – An Elk Antler a Day…

  1. The Poodles turned their noses up at antlers, which surprised me! They loves bones and sticks and this seemed like the perfect hybrid of the two!

    • Luna wasn’t too thrilled with the first one that we bought that was not split/quartered, but once she found out she could get to the marrow in the quartered one, it was game over. Our first grey, Ruby, wasn’t into chewing anything at all, so this is fairly new territory for us. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have heard good thing about antlers and have wanted to try them with Ruby. Always a little nervous with chews for her as her teeth aren’t great and she seems to struggle with anything too tough.

    I love the idea that they are shed naturally.

  3. I’ve not had antlers for the dogs yet, but have wanted to try them. It’s genius to let the dogs pick out what they want at the pet store. Good idea!

    • Thanks, Karen. I just figured since I failed miserably the first time with the whole antler, as long as she was picking out something safe and healthy, I was ok with that. We let her do that with her stuffies too: We’ll have about 5 to 10 stuffies strewn on the pet store floor while she picks the one she likes. I’ve wasted too much money on things she sniffs once and walks away from.

  4. lol That’s a whole lot of words for Wordless Wednesday! 😛 Ours are really fond of the antlers and also of raw turkey necks, which are only enjoyed outdoors for obvious reasons!

    • Oh I know; it’s more appropriately called Wordy Wednesday. I haven’t gone so far as getting the turkey necks. We’re taking everything a little bit at a time with her GI issues.

  5. So many dogs love elk antlers like your Luna. But the fractured tooth issue puts me off a little bit. I have soft teeth myself so I think it’s a visceral reaction.

    Glad you found a fun and long lasting treat for Luna.

    • BOL! I know. My family (especially my boys) cringed when they found out where bully sticks came from. 🙂

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