Giving to Greyhound Pets, Inc.

give to greyhound pets incThere isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look at Luna and think of Greyhound Pets, Inc., the greyhound rescue organization here in Washington from where I adopted her.

I am forever grateful for the kind, generous people at GPI who give of their time and energy to care for and rehome these greyhounds.  Without this organization, I would not experience the joy that Luna brings me every day.  Perhaps that is why I, too, like to give my time as a turnout volunteer at GPI.  It’s my small way of giving back.  And that’s also why I am using my little bit of virtual real estate to showcase Greyhound Pets, Inc. in Woodinville, Washington as an organization deserving of charitable giving

The history of GPI can be best told from their website,

John A. Hern Jr. founded Greyhound Pets, Inc. in 1985.

John was a Coeur D’Alene Idaho businessman who built a foundry business and owned Industrial Park real estate. Among John’s many and varied interests, he held greyt admiration for ex-racing greyhounds and became committed to their care and welfare. As the greyhound racetrack opened in Coeur D’Alene John started a small side business providing feed and racing equipment to track kennels. He demonstrated his commitment to the dogs by being instrumental in building a track sponsored Greyhound Welfare Committee that reviewed track and kennel policies.

John adopted several greyhounds after Roo and Babe. Ace was one of his favorites and was the subject of many of John’s stories. John was the executive director of Greyhound Pets, Inc. for many years and oversaw expansion to include the Pacific Northwest and Southwestern Canada. John’s generous bequest to the organization he founded has provided for GPI’s continued prominence in the ex-racing greyhound rescue effort. The volunteers who continue in the efforts John began, honor his colorful leadership in finding homes for ex-racers. John’s love for the Ex-Racer Greyhound is shown and remembered in “Hern Greyt Works”, GPI’s completed kennel facility in Woodinville, WA.

Since GPI is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, it relies heavily on the kindness of others through donations of money, supplies, and time to care for the greyhounds at the kennel.  According to GPI, it costs an average of $870 for each greyhound’s transport, transitional care, and vetting. GPI also provides food, housing, and medical care until the greyhounds find their forever home.  Their annual veterinary costs are $65,000.  While dogs can come from places within the United States such as Florida and other mid-western states, GPI also works with organizations oversees to rescue and rehome greyhounds and greyhound mixes from places such as Ireland and South Korea.

GPI is very deserving of every donation it receives.   As a small token of my thanks to GPI, I am featuring a link for donations through Network for Good.  Or, if you prefer, click here to visit their website and take a stroll around the links.  You will also find a link from their website for donations.  If you’re local, and are hoping to adopt a greyhound, visit their gallery of available greyhounds, and FAQs regarding the adoption process.



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2 thoughts on “Giving to Greyhound Pets, Inc.

  1. We try to give shout outs to our group when we can, as well as plug the Senior Sanctuary in Florida in Lilac’s honor. Bunny and I have been lucky to be able to win some big donations of food for them a couple of times, too, which is always really cool!

    • That’s great! I would love to win some donations for our group. Sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like enough, though. These dogs are just so gorgeous and sweet, and the people are just so awesome – I just want to give them everything. 🙂

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