Thoughts About the Yulin Festival

YulinAnimal activists and, quite frankly, caring humans with a soul, are speaking out about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  If you’ve read about my greyhound, Luna, you know that she was rescued from South Korea.  Perhaps you didn’t know that had she not been rescued by the local sighthound rescue group in that country, she would have ended up being sold to a breeder, or would have been sold on the black market for meat.  Yeah, my sweet adorable Luna could have ended up on someone’s plate.

I knew that some cultures ate dog meat, but I was ignorant to the way in which this meat was “procured”.  I am also ashamed to admit that I was entirely unaware of the Yulin Festival, which takes place in GuangXi, China on the Summer Solstice, which is just a few days from now.  During this “festival”, about 10,000 dogs (many of which are pets stolen from their owners) are killed and eaten by those who believe that consuming dog (and cat) meat brings good luck and health.  I won’t discuss the lengths to which these animals are tortured before they are killed and eaten, but feel free to consult the Almighty Google if you have a strong stomach.

The Chinese government conveniently says this festival “does not exist“.  Nice try.  I wish, with my entire being, that this was true, however, photos and reports confirm that this does still happen, and preparations for this year’s festival have been observed as of last month. The thought of anyone’s beloved pet having to endure such barbaric and inhumane treatment is just beyond comprehension.  And before you go off about cows and pigs, they are not someone’s pet that was stolen from their home or backyard.

It appears, sadly, that despite the outcry from around the world, the Yulin festival will go on.  Last year, the festival was quietly moved up so as to avoid any protests that would have disturbed the slaughter.

Am I incensed about this because my greyhound could have suffered a similar fate?  Possibly.  My anger, however, is on a much larger scale.  This is bigger than Luna.  This is bigger than me.  Everyone should be outraged that this is occurring.  If you feel moved to act, please do so: sign a petition, post about this on social media, speak out about it.  This must end.

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