Thoughts About the Yulin Festival

YulinAnimal activists and, quite frankly, caring humans with a soul, are speaking out about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.  If you’ve read about my greyhound, Luna, you know that she was rescued from South Korea.  Perhaps you didn’t know that had she not been rescued by the local sighthound rescue group in that country, she would have ended up being sold to a breeder, or would have been sold on the black market for meat.  Yeah, my sweet adorable Luna could have ended up on someone’s plate.

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10 Things My Greyhound “Strongly Dislikes”

I had such fun with my other “10 Things” post, dear reader, that I decided to give it another whirl.  What better compliment to the “10 Things My Greyhound Loves” than a post listing “10 Things My Greyhound Hates Strongly Dislikes”?  (I can hear my inner preschool parent self from 15 years ago in that last sentence “We don’t say ‘hate’, we say ‘strongly dislike'”).  Once again, it is a glorious list.

“The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis.” ― Umberto Eco, The Name of the Rose

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What is your dog worth?

dog worthIf you live in Texas, your dog is not worth much.  In fact, the Texas Supreme Court essentially agrees that your dog would be worth more if it were taxidermied, as opposed to its living and breathing counterpart.

Why am I asking this question?  Well, I’m an attorney in “real life” and when browsing online this morning, I came across the April 5, 2013 Texas Supreme Court decision of Strickland v. Medlen, 397 S.W.3d 184 (2013).  Don’t worry, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, and in layman’s terms.  I will also forego the legal citations.  If you are interested in reading this decision, you can find it here.

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