Wordless Wednesday – Canine Cancer: There Are No Words

Ruby cancer

This is my Ruby.   Look closely.  Do you see it?  

On her back right hip, you can see the cancerous growth that ultimately took her life this past February.  But look how happy she is in this picture.  She’s smiling.  That brings me immeasurable joy.

Subcutaneous hemangiosarcoma is a deadly cancer that originates in the lining of the blood vessels, and results in a very fast-growing malignant blood-filled mass.  The National Canine Cancer Foundation estimates that the time from discovery of the tumor until death is approximately six to eight weeks.  We discovered the lump on December 23, 2014, and she crossed the bridge on February 1, 2015.

But she’s smiling.  So rather than focus on the cancer, I’ll focus on that.  She was a happy girl.

Ruby would have been twelve this month.  So this Wordless Wednesday I have no words.  Just smiles as I remember my best friend.



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31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Canine Cancer: There Are No Words

  1. She was a beautiful girl and her spirit shines through her eyes. I am sure you miss her very much.

    Oz the Terrier and Sugar the Golden Retriever are hosting a week long blog hop to raise awareness and funds for Canine cancer this week. If you need their blog addresses, let me know.

  2. So very sorry for your loss. There really are no words of comfort, but sometimes our photos are a great comfort to us. Much better to remember the good times than dwell on the bad! That’s my philosophy anyway, although it’s not always easy to adhere to.

  3. Oh, I’m so sorry. We lost our beloved beagle to hemangiosarcoma as well. And our second pup to osteosarcoma. Cancer always takes the sweetest ones. But you’re right – like Ruby, our pups were happy. They didn’t know until close to the very end, and that’s the important thing.

    • Aw, I’m sorry Jackie. It’s sad to have that in common with someone. I’m sure your pups knew they were loved very much.

    • No, it’s not. And I swore I’d never get another grey because it hurt so much, but here I am, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 I’m sorry for your loss as well. They do leave a pretty significant pawprint on our hearts, don’t they?

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