Cleaning up those “oops” moments

shameful greyhoundIt was totally my fault.

First thing this morning, dear reader, I let Luna out to do her business.  I was outside with her, so I know she peed and pooed.  As per usual, I fed her about 45 minutes later, after the boys had left for school.  While she was eating, I started emptying the dishwasher.  After she licked her bowl clean, she immediately pawed at the door.  Expecting that she wanted to go out and run around immediately after eating as she has in the past (although that is a big no-no, and I don’t let her – see here to find out why) I told her to wait.  Normally, I’d leash her and take her out in order to curtail her running, but I was elbow-deep in dishes, so I brushed her off.  She signaled three times. Each time, I told her to wait.

Poor girl. I guess I can cross my name off the list of nominees for Pet Parent of the Year Award.  🙁

She exacted her revenge by pooping on the area rug in the family room.

Well, she didn’t consciously do it to get back at me; she couldn’t help it.  She had to go and I ignored her.  So she did what she had to do.  I still wish it wasn’t on the rug.  Yep, my deep pile burgundy area rug.


Now, when we had Ruby, I would have cleaned it up the best I could, and then would have either trekked to the local grocery store and rented the community Rug Doctor (blech), or I would have made an appointment with Sears to come out and steam clean, which would have taken a few days.

Thank goodness my dear hubs required me to buy a carpet cleaner when we adopted Luna.  After much research, I got a super-uber all terrain mega carpet cleaner from Hoover.  I did my research, both online via the Almighty Amazon, and through our Consumer Reports subscription.  I have to tell you, this thing has been a lifesaver.  I’ve had the usual pee accidents when we first got her (she was not crate trained, and still is not – that’s another story) so the carpet cleaner helped keep the carpet clean and fresh despite her accidents, and helped maintain my sanity.  (Nothing wears on my nerves more than that “where is it coming from” mystery smell).

I was even surprised that the carpet cleaner came to my rescue this morning.  Yeah, I had to take care of the big mess (and a soft poo didn’t make it any easier), but the carpet cleaner really handled the deep pile very well.  Plus, this Hoover has a super suction capacity, so I wasn’t left with a soggy wet carpet that takes days in Seattle to dry.

If you came to my house, you’d never know that just this morning, I was running my carpet cleaner wearing a scowl and my Christmas 2012 pajamas (you hush – I need to do laundry) with my hair still tangled in knots, and only half of a cup of coffee in my system.  So I can continue to act in public as though these messes never happen in my house, and my friends will be none the wiser.  🙂

So how about you?  How do you handle those “messes”?  Feel free to share links to the products you use.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which carpet cleaner I got, it’s this one:  the Hoover Max Extract Dual V All Terrain Carpet Washer

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2 thoughts on “Cleaning up those “oops” moments

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. We’ve all missed those signaling moments… I know I have! Thankfully, mine seem to go right by the door when they have accidents, and I have area rugs by all of the doors. I can just pick ’em up and wash ’em!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

    • Aw, thanks! Yeah, I have rugs by all the doors too, but she unfortunately chose my large family room rug. Oh well, if I had expected to have a spotless house, I wouldn’t have a dog, right? 🙂

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