Life Lessons from a Greyhound: Be Active

Did you ever stop and think that our dogs really know how to live life right?

Recently, I was watching Luna run around in the yard, and realized that my dog could teach me a thing or two; I just had to pay attention.

Any greyhound parent will tell you that their greyhound will be happy to lay around all day.  Whether it be in your bed, at your feet, or on the sofa, greyhounds have “being lazy” down to a “T”.  That is, however, except when they get their burst of energy.  When Luna gets the itch to run, she trots to the slider to the backyard and raps on the glass with her paw until someone lets her out.  She’ll then run around, either chasing a ball, or making a circuit of the yard several times in full sprint, and when she comes back inside, she is so full of joy, with a huge dog-smile on her face.

That got me thinking: why haven’t I done that?  Why haven’t I purposefully sought out physical activity that makes me happy?  I live in the most beautiful part of the country, and I have yet to take a hike on one of the mountains nearby.  Why have I made no effort?

Life Lesson #1: Be Active

Ever since having my kids, I’ve always made half-hearted attempts to be more active in order to get back to my pre-baby weight.  I’ve never been really committed though, so the weight loss was either temporary, or I fell short of reaching my goal and therefore I just gave up. I would walk on my treadmill off and on, but I rarely made it a consistent part of my daily routine.    My daily routine was full of work – housework, schoolwork (my kids’), professional work – and no play.  Adding insult to injury, I was left with those vanity pounds that I just could not lose. ( I wonder though, whether 15 pounds is considered “vanity pounds”).

After connecting the dots between Luna’s activity and her happiness, I decided to make a change.

Yesterday, my husband took us on a drive to a wooded park a short drive from our house.  We took a brief 1.5 mile hike through the trails, and I came away feeling so content.  I want that feeling to last.

So I’m going to look for things to keep me active.  It’s time that I stopped making excuses.  Maybe this will help me with those vanity pounds.  Maybe not.  But I know I’ll be much happier.





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One thought on “Life Lessons from a Greyhound: Be Active

  1. I love the way dogs look when they are running with pure joy, not competing or worrying about a personal best or any of that nonsense. Greyhounds especially are poetry when they run. Your dog is lovely.

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