Product Review: Greenies® Grain Free Dental Chews

product reviewWe were asked by our friends at to review a product this month.  We chose Greenies® Grain Free Dental Chews because greyhounds need all the dental help they can get.

Luna is no petite dog, but we were provided with the petite treats, made for dogs between 15 and 25 pounds.  

Marketed as “daily treats”, Greenies® are made in Kansas City, Missouri by the Nutro Company, and bear the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal of approval.  These chews, if given once a day as directed, claim to

  • fight tartar buildup and plaque
  • freshen breath
  • maintain healthier teeth and gums and
  • naturally help clean teeth

Obviously, we cannot comment on those claims because we tried these for a relatively short period of time before writing this review, and to be fair, the product provided was not within Luna’s weight class.  These were an attractive choice for us, though, because Luna has a sensitive stomach, and grain free seems to be the way that she is trending as far as dog food and treats.  The first ingredient in the grain free Greenies® are dried chickpeas.

Upon opening the bag, Luna was quite interested.

Greenies product review

I can always tell when Luna likes something because she will immediately walk away with her special treat, I suppose for fear of it being taken away from her.  (For the record, the only things I take from her are shoes or pens or other things that she is not permitted to chew on ).  🙂  When she got her first treat, she immediately went into loner mode to eat it, and came back shortly thereafter licking her chops, tail wagging, and wanting more.  Because the package instructions recommend just one per day, and since we were unsure how many she could have per day despite these being meant for petite dogs, we kept her to one treat per day for a week.

The Pros

Luna definitely likes these dental chews, and was quite happy to receive one every day.  If you are looking to maximize your dog’s dental regimen, these appear to be a good addition to brushing daily, and the VOHC seal of approval is a plus.  Additionally, I liked that these were made in the U.S.A., and were made mostly of chickpeas and potato.  Despite her sensitive stomach, these did not have any adverse effects on Luna’s GI system.  Although these treats are green, the manufacturer states that the coloring is not the result of artificial dyes.  If you are afraid of staining, the manufacturer suggests giving these chews to your dog in a food bowl and away from materials you don’t want stained.  Luna did, on one occasion, decide to eat one of her Greenies® in our office on the cream carpet, and I saw no staining.

The Cons

They’re a bit smelly in an organic way, but they don’t hang around very long since Luna ate her chew pretty quickly each time one was given to her.  Obviously, the small size of the treats we received were a negative factor, but purchasing the right size dental chew makes this a non-issue and in no way affected Luna’s enjoyment of her Greenies®. logo

A big thank you to for providing these to Luna for a review.  These opinions are our own and are in no way influenced by or Nutro.

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