10 Things My Greyhound Loves

greyhound lovesI like lists; they make me happy.  In this mad, mad, mad, mad world, lists bring order to chaos.  So today, I’ve made a list of things that Luna likes.  I’m sure there are plenty more that could make the list, but 10 is a nice even number, which also makes me happy.

1.  Food

Obviously, food has to be the number one thing that my greyhound loves.  Without it, she would have no reason to take a break from napping and trying to hoard several of the items from Numbers 2 through 10.

2.  Me

I would like to think I rank at Number 1, but let’s face it, there is no competition.  I could argue with her all day long about how there would be no Number 1 if it wasn’t for Number 2, but she won’t have any of that nonsense.  She has informed me that I can easily be replaced by someone who brings Number 1.

3.  Shoes (mine, Daddy’s, yours – she’ll happily take any)

Turn your back, and your shoes will end up in her bed.  She doesn’t damage mine, but she will rip the insoles out of Daddy’s, and chew the knobs off of Sister’s flip-flops.  A shoe connoisseur, she prefers Chucks over New Balance.   Like chocolate, she has never tasted my dressy heels – that is a delicacy she will never experience (fingers crossed).

4.  Stuffies with squeakers

I have never met a greyhound who didn’t love stuffies.  The squeaker is a must.  Luna loves hers, sometimes her enjoyment of these interferes with our enjoyment of The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or Modern Family.

5.  Balls

Tennis balls, soccer balls, bumble balls.  We have several.  While she would prefer playing fetch in the backyard, she is quite happy to enjoy playing inside in a manner similar to Number 4.

6.  Area rugs/throw rugs

We have hardwood floors.  Luna has discovered that she can run in the house so long as she hops from rug to rug.  Yeah, girl, I used to play that too when I was little, except I think the floor was “lava” or “water” and the rugs were islands.

7.  Her “nest”

Luna has made her bed (which we got at Costco and absolutely love) into her nest, with blankets and stuffies all around her (as well as a few items from Number 3 and Number 10 at times).  We have a flower shaped area rug underneath it, which Daddy calls her “doily.”


aerial photo greyhound bed


Luna greyhound bed


He’s a smart-ass.  But he’s kind of right:

Creme Brulee
bookgourmand / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

(Don’t tell him I said that).

8.  Pillows

Throw pillows, bed pillows, you name it and Luna will find a way to lay on it, nit at it, or sniff it, even if my head is already on it.  Sometimes she thinks they are stuffies without squeakers.

9.  Socks

See Number 3.  She prefers Daddy’s socks to everyone else’s.

10.  Paper she shouldn’t have

Luna loves paper.  She doesn’t discern between the important receipt, the permission slip that has to be turned in to my son’s school, or the snot rag Daddy forgot to throw away.  I could give away the paper shredder that I bought at Staples, and I would not be wanting for a secure way to dispose of my important papers.

Your turn

What are your greyhound’s favorite things?

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