How Does Your Garden Grow?

toxic garden (1)When we moved to Washington last Summer, we left behind a well-landscaped house that I knew like the back of my hand.  

My husband and I had ripped out and replaced every existing shrub, bush and perennial when we bought the house twelve years ago (some of that involved a tow hitch, a chain, and a foot placed squarely on the gas pedal).  By the time we moved, I knew every single plant in my front and back yard.

Now, I am no master gardener, nor do I have a degree in botany.  Having moved to Washington last September after a lifetime on the East Coast, I had no idea what the native species were.  Don’t laugh; I realize I didn’t move to Mars and it’s not all that different, but still…  So, I found this great tool published by the ASPCA regarding Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants.  Just click on their logo below to be taken to their site:


I hardly worry when I let Luna out in the yard.  My biggest concern now is filling in the holes she digs, and doing it when she’s not looking.  🙁

So good luck!  And happy planting!


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