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I recently came across an article by Linda Weber, writer for Examiner.com, and dedicated greyhound parent.  Linda is a special kind of person, donating 100% of her compensation from Examiner.com to greyhound adoption and education groups.  In her article, “Greyhounds: Ownership or Cult?”, Linda discusses the differences between dog ownership among different breeds of dogs as compared to greyhounds.

Linda discusses the lengths that owners will go to in order to pamper and care for their greyhounds, citing elaborate coats and collars, or the latest toys.  While I’m no connoisseur of martingale collars, I will admit that I’ve dropped more than $40 or so on a handmade, brocade martingale collar on Etsy a few times, and have contemplated a cashmere snood for those chilly morning walks. At the expense of my greyhound’s comfort, I see no problem shelling out $100.00 for a memory foam orthopedic pet bed if it means my pup is happy.

She also calls out the “all-knowing look” shared between greyhound owners when their regal dogs are in the presence of other ill-behaved breeds.  (It is apparent, but nothing quite as obvious as the secret motorcycle wave.)  I will agree that there is that “sense” shared between greyhound owners, but at the same time, my grey can clear a room just like any other dog when her tummy is upset, and all grace and royalty flies out the window.

Greyhound ownership does bring with it a feeling of community and support.  Linda writes:

“[I]f something should happen to your Greyhound or you have a question, the Greyhound community will close ranks and rally to answer your question or provide support.  This fraternity is one that transcends all breeds.”

Perhaps it’s the love of the breed, or perhaps greyhounds appeal to those with similar personalities.  Either way, once you adopt a greyhound, take great comfort in knowing that you have inherited a massive support group always willing to lend a hand, or hold a leash.

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